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how to create chemistry and tension

Ask 100 attractive women if they know what the words “Chemistry” and “Sexual Tension” mean, and they’ll all nod their heads and say “Of course”.

But ask 100 guys off the street, and 98% of them will give you a dumb look and say, “Huh?”.

The reality of this situation is that attractive women know EXACTLY how to create Sexual Tension and Chemistry… but most men are CLUELESS.


What is “Chemistry”?

When a woman uses the word “Chemistry”, she’s actually talking about ATTRACTION.

She’s talking about perceiving a guy as “naturally compatible” with her because emotional and physical sparks fly when she meets or is around him.

For a woman, Chemistry is either THERE or IT ISN’T.

And what most guys REALLY don’t get is this:

You can drive a woman to feel powerful ATTRACTION for you REGARDLESS of your looks, age, income, height, or anything else.


What is “Sexual Tension”?

Sexual Tension is the feeling you get when you’re in the presence of someone you’re already attracted to… but OBSTACLES, ANTICIPATION, HUMOR, and/or other ingredients are in the mix that frustrate (and therefore INCREASE) that attraction.

Sexual Tension is the combination of being pulled toward someone, but also feeling resistance at the same time.

It’s about not knowing what’s going to happen, but being on the edge of your seat WANTING for it.

Think of it this way…

If a woman KNOWS she has you right from the beginning, she won’t be as interested for long.

But if you keep the mystery and anticipation up, she feels more attraction because you’re challenging, and unpredictable – and that will cause her to think about you all the time.

Now let’s talk about 4 great ways to create irresistible Sexual Tension, which will NATURALLY lead to that magical feeling of CHEMISTRY:

But if you keep the mystery and anticipation up, she feels more attraction because you’re challenging, and unpredictable – and that will cause her to think about you all the time all the time.

    1. BE COCKY and FUNNY

Being Cocky and Funny, or using Cocky Comedy, is a fun, interesting, enjoyable way to create Sexual Tension.

The formula is: start with an arrogant thought, then add humor.

For example, if you’re standing in line waiting for coffee and notice an attractive woman behind the counter, you might say “Hurry up, you’re not working fast enough” in a serious tone of voice.

That’s just arrogant. It’s cocky. But it’s NOT FUNNY.

You’d sound like a jerk-off if you say that in a cold way.

But if you say instead: “Hey, since you like me and this line is always long, how about if I just walk to the front from now on and you give me free coffee?” …

Now that’s a whole different story. It’s cocky AND funny. And it shows you’re confident and in control, and that will create Sexual Tension.


What do most guys do when they get a girl’s number or email address?

Right. They call or write three minutes later.

Calling or writing a woman immediately is a great way to destroy any anticipation–and Sexual Tension–that was present in the moment.

On the other hand, if you call up two days later and say “Hey, what up? I’m busy tonight, but let’s do something on Friday. Here’s my number, call me… I gotta
go… ” that’s a GREAT way to build sexual tension.

By day two, she’s beginning to wonder if and when you’re going to call.

Waiting builds tension.

Or are you going to just be another one of the dozens and hundreds and thousands of guys that just stand and stare… or give away their power in hopes that this goddess will see fit to bless you with even a pinch of her attention?

So do it.


Here’s the ultimate formula for AMPLIFYING a woman’s anticipation and arousal to create sexual tension.

You see, when it comes to getting turned on, men are like on/off like switches… but women are more like volume knobs that need to be turned up gradually.

By doing what I call “moving two steps forward, one step back” you can take Sexual Tension, and it DIAL IT WAY UP.

how to create chemistry and tension 2

The idea is simple:

Every time you make “progress” in a romantic way with a woman, STOP. Then reel it back in.

For instance, if you have been talking to her and you start holding hands… after a few minutes, TAKE YOUR HAND BACK. Move away from her for a little while.

If you wind up kissing later, STOP kissing her, and lean back again.

Get it?

Show self-control, make her feel good and then go two steps forward, one back, and you’ll be doing one of the MOST powerful things possible to create sexual tension and increase attraction.

    1. TEASE HER

Women LOVE teasing… when it’s done in the right way.

Some people think of teasing as “making fun of”. But I’m talking about the type of teasing where you give someone a LITTLE BIT of what they want, then take it away so they want it EVEN MORE.

That kind of teasing creates Sexual Tension rapidly.

Now, there’s a very important factor that you MUST understand about this …

All of it can only be used if you’ve already communicated to a woman that you’re a MAN. The kind of guy that understands the language of ATTRACTION.

You CANNOT do any of this if you’re speaking the language of a WUSSY.

So what’s the best way to learn the “language” of attraction?

Easy. Check out my program “Sexual Communication”

It’s the place I teach you everything the fail proof secret language of sexual communication.

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