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trigger attraction become irresistible to a woman

By David DeAngelo

Did you know there are just a couple ways that men and women “get together”?

And there are just a couple ways that things eventually “end up” for them?

When it comes to getting together, most of the time, most guys have no idea how to create ATTRACTION in a woman.

I mean, what do most men do?

They try to “pursue” a beautiful woman and “win her over” by offering her gifts. Dinners. Flowers.

And what happens? A woman finds a man like that “nice”, but there are no “sparks”. So she likes him “just as a friend”.

But sometimes a man DOES understand what it takes to trigger ATTRACTION.

He begins to communicate with a woman ways that makes her feel a powerful physical and emotional response that she can’t control. Sparks fly, and the man and woman “get together”.

Once that happens, things again go one of two ways…

Sometimes a man understands he can’t let himself become a Wussy who follows a woman around, constantly “shares how he feels” and becomes boring.

He stays in control and keeps challenging the woman, and keeps the woman interested far into the future.

But MOST of the time…

The man begins to act more and more predictable. He starts to share “how he feels” too often. He becomes more and more submissive.

And soon the woman loses all those feelings that used to create ATTRACTION. And soon SHE’S GONE.


Because most men have no clue about one simple fact…



Generally speaking, the way for a man to create attraction is to understand that for women, ATTRACTION is a PROCESS, not a sudden “event”.

It happens over time, and it becomes stronger or weaker depending upon how well the man understands how it works.

That in mind, here are a few specific tips about how to create attraction in women:

If you want to know how she feels about you, say “You LOVE me” in a condescending tone of voice, and see how she responds. If she says “NO I DON’T!” in an exaggerated, mocking way, then she probably DOES “love” you.

    1. Start from a position of STRENGTH, not WEAKNESS.

When a guy finds a girl interesting, he usually turns into a ball of nervous, weak mush. Then he makes the mistake of letting the woman KNOW IT.

Don’t do that.

Be STRONG. Tease her. Challenge her. Be adventurous.

If she thinks she’s cool, make fun of her.

If she’s smart, argue with her a little.

If she’s doing something, tell her that you could do it better.

All of this is your signal to her that you’re STRONG, and the GAME IS ON.

    2. Keep the TENSION UP.

One of my favorite concepts is “Never let the line go slack”.

This means that once you SPARK “chemistry” or “sexual tension”, you need to KEEP IT UP.

Just because she starts doing things that hint she’s interested, doesn’t mean that it’s time for you to STOP.

Quite the opposite, actually.

Turn UP the volume. It’s working, so do more!

    3. TEASE HER.

The word “tease” has a couple of meanings.

One of the meanings is doing things that are slightly annoying to get a response from someone.

The other meaning is subtly different, and has to do with drawing out a response you want by doing certain things that indirectly trigger it.

You need to do both.

If you’re about to kiss her, wait until your lips are so close that you can almost feel her… and then STOP. Pull away and smile.

If you want to know how she feels about you, say “You LOVE me” in a condescending tone of voice, and see how she responds. If she says “NO I DON’T!” in an exaggerated, mocking way, then she probably DOES “love” you.

trigger attraction become irresistible to a woman 2
Teasing is a fantastic way to create attraction.

You need to do more of it.

    4. Don’t be BORING.

Being predictable and/or boring is a cardinal sin when it comes to what it takes to trigger ATTRACTION.

You need to make sure you don’t do either.

Of course, telling a man not to be predictable is like telling a dog not to hump your leg.

Most guys are PAINFULLY predictable — and there’s nothing that will kill the sparks faster (and interferes with what you should be doing to CREATE attraction) than her knowing what you’re about to do or say before you do or say it.

    5. Stay in CONTROL.

Women like men who make decisions and take the lead.

Now, I’m not saying that women like men who are overly controlling. What I am saying is that women don’t like guys who are always saying things like, “I don’t know, what do YOU want to do, baby?”.

Women don’t want men they can control, so don’t be one.

As you read these examples, can you see the big picture forming? Can you see the deeper message?

The deeper message is that you need to learn how to SPARK ATTRACTION in women in the first place before you can do all those things that keep ATTRACTION BUILDING AND BUILDING.

So where does this all begin?

It begins with YOU.

When you’re ready to get an in-depth education about the basics of how to create attraction in women and keep it going, you’re ready to read my eBook “Attraction Isn’t A Choice.”

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