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After years of research, study and, watching men who are “naturals ” succeed with great woman… I finally learned the #1 secret about what it REALLY takes to meet hot women and close the deal FAST.

But before we get to that secret, I want to talk quickly about the #1 reason most men never even TRY to meet hot women…

Odds are, it’s the same reason that YOU never try… or if you have, it’s the reason you never tried again.

If that’s the case, hey, I feel you. It’s the same reason that for more years than I care to remember, I never tried. And looking back right now, I could KICK myself for it.

The reason is…

Most men are paralyzed by FEAR OF REJECTION.

I mean, it’s tragic. Most men lay awake at night dreaming about how to meet hot women–but they will NEVER, EVER try because of their fear.

They think these women will turn into monsters when they approach them. That highly attractive women will shoot them down, laugh at them, mock them, run away screaming.


But the TRUTH of the situation couldn’t be more different.

The fact is, most women go out of their way to be kind, gentle and polite to guys who approach them. They’re flattered by it…Plus, by the way, it happens to attractive women ALL the time. In other words, it’s NO BIG DEAL to them.

They’ll usually just say, “Sorry, I have a boyfriend. ”

At the VERY worst, they’ll just smile and walk away.

So STOP FEARING REJECTION. It’s the first step to getting on the path to meeting hot women!

Now… on to the secret of how to meet hot women… and take things to the NEXT LEVEL in a big way…

Here it comes. Hope you’re buckled in… Here’s all you need to do.


In fact…


The simple fact is, when most men see a woman they’re attracted to, they immediately sabotage themselves with their overwhelming impulse to IMPRESS her.

Don’t believe it?

Just watch a guy try to talk to a woman he finds extremely attractive… He hems and haws. He tries to say “cool” things. He acts nervous and stilted during the conversation, coming across as way too “formal”. He tries to figure out what the woman wants to hear. And if he says something that the woman doesn’t like, he back-pedals and tries to change what he said.

Worst of all, he never says anything “risky”. He doesn’t dare to tease the woman, let alone do anything to upset her.

Basically, when a guy is trying to meet hot women, the conversation doesn’t feel “normal.” His body language is strange. He’s on his “best behavior” and trying to put his best foot forward.

To sum it up:



Make sense?

The thing is, when you intentionally try to impress a woman, you send signals that make her move onto the next guy faster than you can get your tongue untied.

Those fatal WUSS signals say to her: “I don’t think you’ll like me for who I am”. “I’m not comfortable enough around women to just act normal”. “I don’t have a lot of experience with attractive women”. “I’m insecure and don’t know how to make women feel comfortable with me.”

Now of course, I’ve just described the way that about 99.99% of men act when trying to meet hot women.

So become that one guy who DOESN’T SEEM LIKE HE’S TRYING TO IMPRESS HER, and you’ll stand out from the crowd. And that alone is enough to get high-quality women to feel NATURALLY “impressed” by you.

In fact, odds are she’ll start to feel that powerful emotional ATTRACTION for you because you’re bringing something to the table that MOST GUYS CAN’T. And that feeling will keep her thinking about you. Even drive her to begin to PURSUE YOU.

And that’s a level of success that most guys will only get to dream about.

Sound good?

Then it’s time to get a handle on the basics of CREATING ATTRACTION.

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