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It’s a no-brainer… when you’re ready to meet women online, you want to meet as many great ones as possible. As quickly as possible.

And, as you probably know, I’m all for meeting women online. In fact, I say that if you can learn to meet women online successfully, it’s the best way to hone your game.

Plus, it gives you time to plan your moves and conversations instead of having to think on the fly.

Plus, it’s the best way to discover what works with women without fear of face-to-face rejection.

Above all, when you meet women online, it’s the best way to meet a lot of women, all at once… without paying all those cover charges and drink minimums.

But here’s the thing…

There’s also part of meeting women online that’s definitely not working in your favor.

You have to remember… and be prepared for… the fact that most women who post their profiles and run their personal ads get TONS of responses. And I mean tons.

So, if you don’t know how to stand out from the crowd right from the start, you’ll be roadkill before you score your first ping.

That in mind, here are my “golden rules” for avoiding getting lost in the crowd when you want to meet women online…

Rule # 1: Don’t Write Ads… ANSWER them.

Unless you’re a grand master at composing killer personal ads, you’ll get way more responses by replying to ads than you will by placing your own.


Because women don’t care what your ad says… they care what it means.

When YOU write the ad, it gives women the opportunity to pour over your every word… trying to decode everything you’re saying… looking for “hidden meaning”, and a quick reason to reject your ad and skip on to the next.

For example, if you say something cute like “I’m a great catch,” most women will start thinking “Well, if you’re such a great catch, why do you have to go online and announce it?” They’ll start thinking you’re a loser who has to sell himself, or else he wouldn’t need to meet women online.

And it’s on to the next ad.

Basically what I’m saying here is… don’t waste time online giving women the opportunity to read into things. Again, unless you’ve learned how to write killer personal ads from the Online Master himself (excuse me while I take a bow…) it’s just not worth the risk.

Rule # 2: Beat the rush.

Maybe you heard your grandpa say: “The early bird gets the worm.”

Well… Grandpa would’ve been a natural when it comes to the best ways to meet women online.

As I said above, your #1 priority should be to stand out from the crowd. And the fact is, attractive women typically get 50 to 100 responses per DAY to their ads, so it’s easy to lost in the stampede of desperate-sounding men that ping as soon as she posts.

That’s why, if you’re going to play the personals to meet women online, I want you to scan for the freshest ads and contact those women immediately.

In fact, be among the first to ping her the moment she posts, and congratulations — you’ll have the jump on the herd, and a prime position to set the bar so high that everyone who responds after you looks like wussies and losers.

Rule # 3: Close the deal FAST

Both in “real life” and when you meet women online, once the door’s open you must do what it takes to step through fast.

If you want to stand out from the crowd when trying to meet women online, it’s your job to get the job done FAST…without sounding like the thousand other guys who are about to flood her inbox right behind you.

That means creating a spark of attraction out of the gate by proving right away that you’re confident, in-control, and humorous, both online and off.

In other words, put COCKY & FUNNY to work for you.

After you’re among the first replies to hit her inbox, say something like “I was looking through these ads thinking to myself “Look at all these poor, desperate, lonely women…” But then I suddenly saw your ad and thought to myself, “Wait a minute, this poor, lonely woman is actually pretty cute. I wonder if she has the personality to back it up…”

Bottom line: all you have to do is make a woman think to herself, “Wow, this guy’s different. He sounds like a challenge… and he’s interested in more than just how beautiful I am! ” and you’re in.

In fact, I always say that online is the best place, bar none, to practice your game with LOTS of women… without any fear of rejection.

But once you’ve mastered my techniques for meeting women online… you MUST understand how to transfer that attraction to the “real world” – and continue sparking and building that attraction in person — or you’re dead in the water.

There’s just no way around it.

But here’s the good news…

That’s where my acclaimed eBook, “Double Your Dating”, comes in.

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